Issue No. 4, Summer 1998

The Transcendental Friend





stricken [from]


a teacher ::record:: helps a boy get a gun

it's about not ::record:: looking mistakable



accordion attache

bounty hunter provisions

::record:: I told the teacher about Pietro's

I was angry with the police again

it was not my movie

I was mixed up in campaign finance reform

I was sweet shiftless and poor

and stricken

::record::, a boy is loaded

American Express makes it ::record:: better

"providing alternatives to jail for persons who pose no danger to the community"

Loan Consolidators for your ::record:: problems

"but use purpose area #15A if primary focus is drug testing or purpose area #20 if focus is reducing jail crowding"

Effective Sanctions that Fit the ::record:: Budget

somehow I was caught up in this

and questioned about a family ::record:: resemblance

so early in the morning


the suspicious handbag on the sidewalk

the police are there

but I've neglected them


I've been told it's the Decade of the Brain

I must step aside

because the opera construction

there's a public fund for demolition

::record:: if you can find it

how did the smallest children ::record:: capture

the 4-foot wingspan

lash it to a branch

so the sewer birds ::record::

how did the smallest children


and unchecked pestilence

I am asking because there's a question


in America


the curiosity

of the fully-covered body

in America



of humility

one year later we don't know

what happened on the ::record:: plane

how he ::record:: got the gun

Heather Fuller

Note: The performer of this poem may wish to engage a variety of tools and/or ephemera to activate the embedded 2nd voice which speaks the "::record::" interruptions / insertions / deviations / refrain and the bracketed blank, albeit active, spaces. Pre-recorded voice-overs work well, as do the timed emissions from "Talk-Boy" novelty items, found in your local Toys 'R' Us.]





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